Making a Character Profile pageEdit

Here we go! Finally got your Character Approved? YAY! Lets make a character page now, we can do that by clicking Create a new Page.

First, we need to add a character Infobox, you can do that by adding the template Template: Character Infobox OR we can copy, paste and fill this out!

{{Character Infobox
    |image =
    |title =
    |title 2 =
    |gender =
    |family =
    |species =
    |eye color =
    |hair Color =
    |height =
    |affiliation =
    |weapons =

Fill Everything out, for Image use the JPG title. For title 1, use the name of your character, Title 2, put whatever you want there. 

Secondly, It is highly advised you add the character Appearance and history. so Copy and Paste this...


Add Character Appearance here.


Add character history here.

After that, you can preview, if you like what you see, then publish it. 

==Character bubble==


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